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First some stats…

Violent Crime And Homicides [2000]Homicides per 100,000 [2000]

Note how Canada is way up there on both charts and Switzerland is at the bottom. So you think Switzerland must have some crazy serious gun control going on, right? Think again. Check out this video below.
So I guess knowing that practically every home in Switzerland has a semi-automatic weapon waiting to greet would-be burglars has put a damper on the B&E business. Who’da thunk?

And the Brits, who surrendered their pistols over a decade ago for the promise of less violent crime, have only seen gun-related offenses skyrocket since (evidently the criminals must not have got the memo to turn them in). And in the last two years Britain has experienced its largest peaceful protest ever in a desperate bid to keep their remaining long guns.
Meanwhile back in Canada the idiocy continues. First British Columbia banned citizens from bullet-proofing their cars. Now they’ve banned bullet-proof vests. This IMHO is just stupid. As usual, the local media mouthpieces have abandoned their post and practically parrot the provincial government’s talking points verbatim. I have yet to hear of anyone being killed or even wounded using a bullet-proof vest as a weapon. They are D-E-F-E-N-S-I-V-E by definition. Scissors are more dangerous (are they next?). If people want to protect themselves from being killed why is our government trying to stop them?

We’re like frogs in a slow-boiling pot. Wake up, people! If we don’t soon, we’re lunch meat. Call your local MLA and give ’em hell!

They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security.
Benjamin Franklin