Shining a Light on Canada’s Fake Citizens

Posted: May 20, 2008 in Your Money
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” I had dinner with six good buddies, all from `questionable’ foreign countries [Pakistan, Syria], all great guys and I found out they were all `Canadian’,” he said. ‘None of these guys has spent more than a few weeks in Canada. Yet four were citizens and two were permanent residents who will become full blown citizens shortly.’ … ‘They come from rich families in corrupt countries and they travel the world freely on our passports, without ever paying a dime in tax.’ “
  1. Hamid says:

    Hi There,

    I am also from a list of your ‘questionable countries’. I am a medical professional and pay in excess of $30-40 k alone in taxes (something which I doubt you have ever seen in your life). A good portion of my tax dollars goes to people who sit on their questionable white a** and collect money from the govt. These bums are all healthy but refuse to do jobs that some of the people from questionable countries do. So please keep the redneck garbage to yourself. Canada needs immigrants and our money to bring in to your country. Without this, you folks are doomed and will be left hunting bears in the trenches.

    My 2 cents for you 😉

  2. canuck99 says:

    Hey Hamid,

    So the article discusses people of foreign birth who possess Canadian passports but have lived in Canada only the minimum time required for citizenship. If you live and work here in Canada for the majority of the year then of course you would not fit this criterion. Since you say you are forking out serious money over to the taxman, then it sounds as if you are like the rest of us overtaxed schmucks. And I might add that given the ethnic mix of Canada’s citizenry a considerable number of the more lethargic derrieres out there are not just lily white. That said, it’s been a while since I last looked at this post, and in retrospect I think your point about the “questionable countries” jab is quite valid. Sorry for the offence.

  3. Hamid says:

    Hi Canuck99,

    >>the more lethargic derrieres out there are not just lily white.<<

    I know you are right but that’s exactly what my point was. I only said that, so you understand how it feels like to be stereotyped based on your color/religion/nationality or ethnicity.I am a doctor and see about 20 people a day from all ‘backgrounds’. Trust me, if you see/hear the kind of stories I do, it will have a huge impact on your perspective. As for me, I deal with them on a ‘case by case’ basis.

    Being a Canuck, I am glad you accepted my point of view. No offence taken.:)

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