Talk of $500/oz Silver Goes Mainstream via Fox News National

Posted: May 13, 2008 in Your Silver Lining
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” Silver has always been a monetary metal, and gold and silver go hand in hand. I think that there’s a bigger move coming in silver. If gold is at $5000 an ounce silver could be at $500 an ounce and the ratio could be 10 to 1. Now it’s 40/50 to 1. “
  1. miked7891 says:

    I don’t consider Fox to be an… objective news source. They could be easily pumping silver for say, a wealthy owner who has a lot of silver in his investment account…

    In fact, lately it seems that Fox is more interested in making news than in reporting it accurately and objectively.

    • canuck99 says:

      Point taken about Fox and objectivity. I would extend that critique to basically all the major news media. This clip is 16 months old now… I’m curious to see if Peter proves right and there is a rally this Christmas… the clock is ticking….

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