Forget Earthquake-Preparedness (For Now) — Are You Ready for the Coming Condo Tsunami?

Posted: May 12, 2008 in Your Shelter
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” This second image does a good job illustrating how a condo tsunami might work. Thanks VHB. It shows the massive amount of condos under construction in the Vancouver area. One could call it a tsunami of condos. Watch out when it lands on shore when these condos start completing. It could be very dangerous. “
My 2-Bits: A couple of local REBs, VanHousingBlogger (or VHB) and Mohecan, have been putting together some really interesting work of late: the latest is a chart on the condo-building volume is that looks eerily similar to 2-D representation of a massive tidal wave. Fantastic (and IMO) mandatory reading for any homeowner (or would be) homeowner in the lower mainland. Remember: the first out will get the best prices.
Anecdotally, my morning half-mile stroll through new housing developments has seen the number of for sales signs rise from 8 to 15 in the last two months. During that time one sign went down and 8 went up. Interestingly the one that went down has no sold sign in front of it, nor is occupied yet (or has ever been occupied since it was built and listed last summer).

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