B.C. Adolescent Girls and Parents of Such Take Note: Gardisil May be a Fraud

Posted: May 12, 2008 in Your Health
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” This report reveals startling facts about the HPV vaccine that most people will find shocking:
• How it may actually increase the risk of precancerous lesions by 44.6 percent.
• The FDA has, for four years, known that HPV was not the cause of cervical cancer.
• Why mandatory HPV vaccination policies may cause great harm to young girls.
• Why HPV infections are self-limiting and pose no real danger in healthy women
• Little-known FDA documents that reveal astounding facts about Gardasil
• How Big Pharma promoted its Gardasil vaccine using disease mongering and fear mongering “
My 2-Bits: I really wish Health Canada and our provincial government would not be so quick to toadie to pharmacare lobbyists when it comes to experimenting new drugs and vaccines on Canadian citizens.
  1. Passionate earth dweller says:

    I agree.

    Just like any other treatment, sometimes there are more side effects than the actual ailments themselves. Silly!!

    Overall, I truly think not enough research gets done on any kind of drug these days and its rushed on to the market pre-maturely without real proof that they actually work the way they should.

    More-importantly are these kinds of drugs necessary? Or is it all just a little excessive?

    Why not go to the source and figure out the cause, instead of pushing out a potentially lethal injection on to the market. Get to the root of the disease. No more ‘bandaid’ drugs!

    In reality, there are certain things you can’t prevent. Cancer is one of them and no injection will fix that.

    The world we live in today is flooded by people (and naturally with that comes disease), genetically-modified foods, and toxic pollutants in our eco-system and environment.

    You want a true vaccine…let’s clean this earth up!

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