Washington D.C. Madame’s Greatest Service: Utter Destruction of Mainstream Media (Time, Washington Post & NY Times) Credibility By Indy Media (It’s Getting So Blatant Now that Should We Just Assume that Any Political “Suicide” is Really A Government Hit Unless Proven Otherwise?)

Posted: May 2, 2008 in Your Liberty
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Contrived Media Ploy As DC Madam Tape Ignored

” The fact that the corporate media immediately accepted Moldea’s claim at face value and featured it front and center within hours of the announcement of Palfrey’s death, while completely ignoring her recorded intention never to commit suicide, smacks of a contrived ploy and underscores just how easy it would be to make murder look like suicide with the aid of a graciously compliant mass media to endlessly parrot the official story while blackballing clear evidence to the contrary. “


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