Los Angeles is Technically Now Considered Third-World: Which US City is Next?

Posted: April 25, 2008 in Your Liberty
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” Los Angeles is becoming a “Third World city” with immigrants making up half its workforce, says a new study. “
  1. canuck99 says:

    Combine this with LA’s Decaying Water Supply and LA 10 years from now may start looking like make Lagos, Nigeria.

  2. mandycat18 says:

    This is what they consider third world? I always thought it was a nation that was generally considered to be underdeveloped?

    Clearly LA is not so with its fancy houses, big city celebrities, expensive cars, its music/movie industries.

  3. canuck99 says:

    Third-world cities have fancy neighbourhoods too. The joint-study is trying to point out the growing gap between educated and non-educated and how this always translates into very rich and very poor — no middle class.

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