Silver Crunch Update: Coin Shops Continue to Report Scarcity

Posted: April 23, 2008 in Your Silver Lining
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” The silver shortage was discussed in more detail in the last report for those who may have missed it. It won’t come as a shock to readers when we report that the ongoing shortage of physical silver in the U.S. has not improved. If anything, small-size silver (just about anything less than an average 1,000-ounce good delivery bar) is even harder to locate in quantity than it was two weeks ago at any reasonable premium. There is silver out there to answer demand, but you’ll have to pay more than usual if you want to buy it. “
  1. canuck99 says:

    Downside potential of $3/oz still exists, but the probability of significant upward movement exceeds the downside now — the train is leaving the station, folks…

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